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Urlacher speaks on Merriman, well kind of...

Recently, fellow defensive player of the year candidate and good friend of Brian Urlacher, Jason Taylor spoke out about how giving Chargers player Shawn Merriman the award would be "To make the Pro Bowl and all the other awards, you're walking a fine line of sending the wrong message".

Recently, Urlacher was asked for his thoughts on Merriman and all though he deftly dodged the question, I think there is not doubt how he feels.

"There are so many good players," Urlacher said when asked about repeating. "Champ Bailey, Jason Taylor -- and I put myself in that category. Lance Briggs. People don't talk about Lance. The dude has four caused fumbles, two picks, a sack, 180 tackles. How can you not mention Lance?

"Who else had a good year? [Green Bay's Aaron] Kampman has 15½ sacks. I don't know what the criteria are. You must not have to be on a winning team. They don't care about wins and losses, obviously."

One of Urlacher's running mate, Hunter Hillenmeyer wasn't as coy in his answer.

If you give a guy that tested positive for steroids the defensive player of the year award, what's that do for the credibility of the thing?

The point is we all know there is steroid use in the NFL, maybe even on vast levels and to some extent they will never be able to stop it or even test for it, but when everybody on the field is a great athlete and you go outside acceptable means to gain an unfair advantage that is called cheating.  If the NFL rewards cheating, than why ban steroids?