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BEARS move to 10-2

With an impressive win by everybody that isn't on the offense, the Bears beat the Vikings 23-13.  Yet even with a win all that are left are questions.

  1. The easy answer of why Coach Smith shouldn't be backing Grossman after his 34 yard and 3 INT performance is that I am pretty sure I can do that.  
  2. I don't know who is going to win Defensive MVP, but it better be a Bear.  Can that award be given to an entire team?
  3. Supposing Grossman ends up not being our QB of the future and Griese is our hold down the fort guy, who is next?  We can't get any of the big names this year.
  4. Is this 6.7 average on 9 runs for 60 yards the game that finally gives Benson some significant game time?
  5. If Grossman could keep it down to like 1 INT per game, the Bears turnover number would be like +20, right?
  6. Isn't it good to see sacks for Brown and Ogunleye again?
  7. Chris Harris, a safety, had a team high 13 tackles, yet the Vikings only threw for 178 yards, can we please work on that run D?
  8. Is whats happening to Grossman similar to that pictcher from St. Louis or did nobody ever blitz him the first 5 games?
  9. I don't care if ST players count for offense or defense, Devin Hester needs to be some rookie of the year.
  10. I have asked 3 times this year to get everybody's opinion on the Grossman/Griese situation.  Last week's poll, actually had Griese within points of winning.  When I put that poll up again, what is the chance he won't win?
Our QB averaged 1.8 yards a pass.  Will Lovie please just consider starting Griese?