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Bears Quick Hits

Sorry for the lack of posts today, I am down with the sickness as one might say.  Here are few things I have read this morning.

  1. Tommie Harris will have an MRI on his left knee today.  Everybody is optimistic that the injury is not serious.
  2. Nathan Vashar's hamstring pull is thought to be caused by the cold weather and isn't thought to be serious at this time.
  3. With Davis fumbling a kickoff return, word is that Hester will finally take over those duties as well.  Truth be told if this coaching staff cannot find a way to get the ball in our most explosive guy's hands more often they aren't doing their job.
  4. I know everybody knows it already, but how about we throw some public support for ST coach Dave Toub.  Hester is fantastic, Maynard and Gould are having their best years and the coverage has been close to perfect.