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More Random Notes

First off, when taking a look at the standings it is nice to see a z next to Chicago stating they have won their division.  No other team has that mark yet.

Good news on Tommie Harris.  He has a sprained knee.  The thought is he will sit out the rest of the regular seaon and rest it and be ready by the play offs.

On a fantasy football note, in the league I have updated you on a few times, due to AOL being possibly the worst FF system I have ever played on our season is actually over.  That said I won it this week by a score of 84-80.  How is the blog league going?  I haven't seen many updates recently.

With an initial rush of tv people condemming the Bears for sticking with Rex Grossman it is cool to see some people now speaking up agreeing with him.    The thought John Clayton had was if you look at the two QBs, Grossman is more talented and younger.  Given the Bears have the easiest schedule remaining, use this time to try and fix whatever it is the is messing with Rex.