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Let the rumors begin

Those of us in Bears town are used to the off season QB rumor mill churning our name with any available free agent QB.  With Rex Grossman's recent decline, it seems the mill is getting a little work done early this year.  Granted this is just from a Minnesota paper and it is only a small mentioning, I thought I would throw it out there.

The Vikings say Jackson's development is on schedule, but it's clear that if he's not ready for next season, the team will need to find a starter. Atlanta backup Matt Schaub, 25, whom the Vikings tried to acquire last spring, would cost at least a first-round draft pick plus a notable player. There's also the chance the Bears could end up bidding for Schaub.

This is not the first time Matt Schaub's name has popped up when the Bears are being talked about.  The biggest problem with Schaub was always the Falcons' asking price.  I think they know they are in uncertain waters with Vick and  having a guy who resembles a true QB behind him is comforting, but they cannot keep him forever, so at some point they are going to have to accept an offer from somebody.

As far as the Bears are concerned I don't see it happening.  At least not this year.  Grossman showed too much promise the first half the season for the Bears to dump him.  They probably think they can fix whatever it is the is causing his problems and get him back on track.