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BEARS/RAMS-Injury Report

 Usually you see Tommie Harris and the word out on an injury report and Bears Nation might have a collective heart attack, but when it is just to rest him up for the playoffs we can all breathe easy.

This is like the 4th team we played where their injury report is practically their whole squad.

BEARS Injury Report
Player Position Injury Status
Tommie Harris DT Knee/Hamstring Out
Todd Johnson SS Ankle Questionable
Leon Joe LB Hamstring Doubtful
Nathan Vashar CB Hamstring Questionable

RAMS Injury Report
Player Position Injury Status
Paul Smith RB Neck Probable
Adam Timmerman G Ribs Probable
Stephen Davis RB Hamstring Probable
Torry Holt WR Knee Probable
Kevin Curtis WR Calf Probable
Marc Bulger QB Ribs Probable
Jerome Carter S Ankle Questionable
Tye Hill CB Thigh Questionable
Victor Adeyanju DE Forearm Questionable
Ashiomogho Atogwe S Concussion Questionable
Isaiah Kacyvenski LB Concussion Doubtful