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Dr. Z on the offensive

Usually when Dr. Z of SI fame is mentioned around here it is to bash him as throughly and completely as possible, but for once I have to give him a little credit.

In this article it reports on a piece Z recently wrote where he ponders how good Romo really is, then the piece firmly goes after ESPN and more specifically Sean Salisbury and their front runner coverage of Dallas and Tony Romo and how it relates the the treatment Chicago and Rex Grossman have received and believe it or not he actually brings examples to back himself up.

Queries the good doctor: "Am I the only person who felt that Tony Romo, under fairly consistent pressure from the Giants' rush, was not particularly sharp?"

No, Doctor, you aren't.

I watched the Giants-Cowboys game after chronicling the 1.3 Rating of Shame, and I felt the same way. Romo looked confused and made some pretty Krenzelian decisions in the first half. He just happened to benefit from Mathias "Can It Get Any Worse for Me?" Kiwanuka fumbling one of the two interceptions in the half, not to mention Marc "Yes, I'm Still in the League" Colombo recovering Romo's fumble. (Incidentally, that was forced by Mathias "Seriously, Can I Get Just One Break?" Kiwanuka.)

Maybe Rex Grossman's confidence wouldn't have been quite as shaken if his fumble on the 5-yard line against New England resulted in a Robbie Gould field goal anyway. Maybe it would have. But Romo benefited from his defense not even having to take the field after two of his three first-half mistakes.

But the sports-news giant formerly known as ESPNTO has now become ESPNTR, so those mistakes were brushed over. Instead we hear all about Romo's one good throw at the end of the game that set up the game winning field goal.

And in all fairness, I believe a lot of the Chicago media, myself included, did the same with Grossman's game at the Metrodome.

But as is the practice up in Bristol, they jump on the front-runner and spout every bit of hyperbole that comes to their minds. In a surprise to no one who's been listening to the gushing over Romo recently, the 'Boys have moved ahead of the Bears in the rankings.

Sean Salisbury said on SportsCenter Tuesday night that the Cowboys are, right now, the best team in the NFC, which is not the hyperbole. The 'Boys are playing a more complete game of football recently. But Salisbury went on to say that the Dallas defense is better than the Bears'. Ex-squeeze me? Uh baking powder? How many defensive units have forced 10 turnovers in the past two games?

I know we all know Salisbury is worthless and about as much of an expert on football as my dog, but I still enjoy people pointing out specifics where he flopped.  Dallas will lose a game and Romo will look like garbage and Grossman will have a turn around game at some point and we can all delight as he once again changes his mind.