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Chicago Tribune Goes Bears Crazy

Chicago Tribune Celebrates Chicago's Rich History as a Football Mecca

Starting this weekend the Tribune will begin an onslaught of media coverage concerning the Bears.  Here is what they have planned.


"Football in Chicago" is the focus of this Sunday's Chicago Tribune Magazine, which tries to figure out why football is Chicago's sport.

"Bears Roar," a 112-page keepsake book produced by the Chicago Tribune, features 22 exclusive profiles and dramatic color photos of the players and coaches who have made the 2006 Chicago Bears something special to watch. On sale now at local bookstores for $12.95.

Grab a free color poster of Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher inside newsstand copies of this Sunday's Chicago Tribune.


At, visitors can find Bears Essentials: player info, fan forums, galleries and full game coverage. will feature a multimedia package including an 88-minute documentary, interactive quiz, photo gallery, profiles and more.


CLTV will air the first of two hour-long documentaries on how this one sport unites the city. Part 1 airs Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 1 and 7 p.m. Part 2 will air over Christmas weekend.

WHERE:  Pick up the Sunday (12/10) edition of the Chicago Tribune, read our online coverage of the Chicago Bears at, find the "Bears Roar" book at local retailers and watch the two one-hour football special on CLTV.

I will have more details later, but I have some copies of the Brian Urlacher color poster as well as some Thomas Jones ones from a future edition on their way.  Once I have them and know the numbers I will put up more on how you can score one.

On a different note, my contact at the Tribune was extremely friendly, helpful and easy to work with and I have to say it is nice to see big media starting to recognize blogs as a valuable way to promote news, related info and even advertising. Blogs offer a level of interaction that TV and print cannot and to ignore them is a gross under estimation of their popularity and use.