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BEARS/RAMS- Statistical Breakdown

OK, coaches I took this info from the official site, so I can assume you have seen it.  If not I only want you to focus on one line.  The one that lists the Rams as the 31st ranked run defense.  That is your clue.  I should expect Benson to get a ton of time, because Jones will be so winded from running all over the Rams.  Are we clear?

BEARS Statistic RAMS
26.5 (4th) Points Scored 20.2 (15th)
309.3 (20th) Total Offense 340.7 (10th)
113.4 (16th) Rushing Offense 99.3 (23rd)
195.8 (18th) Passing Offense 241.4 (8th)
12.5 (1st) Points Allowed 23.9 (28th)
268.2 (2nd) Total Defense 341.8 (23rd)
105.8 (12th) Rushing Defense 153.3 (31st)
162.3 (2nd) Passing Defense 188.4 (8th)
+10 (3rd) Turnover Ratio +8 (T-5th)