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Bears Rumors

Nothing you probably haven't heard before, but at least it is more than just Randle El.

At 28, Adam Archuleta remains a good gamble for the Bears even if he isn't as dominant as he was when Lovie Smith was his defensive coordinator with the St. Louis Rams. He might be a wiser investment for the secondary than, say, a low-impact cornerback such as Will Allen or an overpriced cover man like Charles Woodson. Archuleta's close relationship with Smith, who speaks of Archuleta with paternal-like pride, has to give the Bears an edge over teams such as Arizona (where he played college football at Arizona State) and Minnesota, who have been said to be interested.
Posted February 21, by Ben Maller
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For the Bears, it would be a no-brainer to explore Drew Brees' potential interest and the market price for a 27-year-old quarterback considered good enough to win a Super Bowl. Showing interest in Brees in no way should be confused as a lack of confidence in Rex Grossman. It would be simply grasping the reality that in the NFL a team can never have too many good quarterbacks.

A character guy with skills the Bears most need, Antwaan Randle El would fit in the team's locker room as well as he would on the depth chart. Reports out of Pittsburgh speculate the signing bonus will be too rich for the Steelers' blood, opening the door to Chicago or possibly Washington. The openly Christian player says God will make the final decision on his destination. Bears fans hope He is listening to Walter Payton.