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Metcalf may be hitting the market

I am certainly not against a man wanting to cash in on what might be his only chance at a pay off, but I hope the Bears can come to a deal with Terrence Metcalf.

The Bears have the cap room to pay him, but with very little in the way of line men in this year's free agency, Metcalf might stand to make more by testing it.

We've talked and stuff, but we haven't made anything final,'' Metcalf said of negotiations with the Bears. "My agent [Jeff Nalley] told me things are going good. I leave it at that.

Per Metcalf's agent the two sides have been talking and it looks good for his return.

"There is going to be a lot of interest from other teams,'' Nalley said. "The Bears have done a good job of keeping the lines of communication open. It's difficult to say if we will be able to get a deal done.''