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Favre is a greedy SOB

Eventhough, by birth most of us are Packer haters most of us have at least a small inkling of respoect for Brett Favre.  As many times as he has toasted us it kind of just happens.  However, this mess with him maybe retiring is starting to get ugly.  This is the third year he is keeping the Packers on the hook for as long as he can about wheter he is coming back.  With the recent issues with the CBA and the need to be as far away from the cap as you can be, Favre isn't worried if the Pack give him some more money even if he still might not come back.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

One week from what seems a logical deadline for a decision on his future, Packers quarterback Brett Favre remains undecided about retirement - and he wants even more time to think about it. Due a $3 million roster bonus March 8 -- a payment the Packers wouldn't want to make if Favre isn't going to play in 2006 -- Favre said in an interview Tuesday he wants to see what the team does to improve its personnel before making a decision.

This wishy washy garbage is just bad business.  If you playing depends on whether the team does certain things in the off season maybe you don't have the proper desire to play any more.  If it is all about playing on a playoff team, then start shopping yourself around.