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No Midnight Signings this year

The past two years the Bears have struck early in the Free Agency market, siging their top choices less than 24 hours after FA started.  In past years, we have had major needs, this year however we are shopping for role players to help take the next step.

The official Bears site has an article where GM Jerry Angelo talks about the Bears approcah to Free Agency this year.

"Last year we said we needed what is commonly known as a blue player. We needed a blue receiver. We targeted that as a need, so we were prepared to act if certain players were out there.

"But we're not going into free agency with that mentality. We're going to look at some players in free agency, but not with the same ambition that we did maybe in past years."

It is a lock that the Bears will be pitching to Antwaan Randle El, but the positions the Bears plan are looking outside of WR/PR are unknown. Postions that could be addressed are QB,CB,S and depth at OL.