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Draft lacking first round quality

I was browsing through the Combine articles on the Bears site and found a interesting article about this years draft class.  The interviewer spoke to a few GMS and the concensus was the same, move down and strike in the late 1st to mid second round.

One GM got the ball rolling for me as I sat in the stands with him during the workouts and said, "This draft class looks like it will not have more than 15 players with a real first-round grade." I ran that concept by another team's personnel director and his response wasn't much different, but it had a plan behind it. He said, "I would love to have four picks between 33 and 60." The third guy I spoke with was a head coach whose team has a way to go, and he felt there were only a handful of difference makers and wants very much to move down in the draft, or as he said, "Way down and get some extra guys to build up the core of this team." I proceeded to watch the workouts and interview players all weekend with an eye on the concept of second-round players who could be great bargains.