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Last Call

Here is the current mock draft list, I need to have this full by end of March, so I can get rules in place and get everything else set.  If you want in grab a team; otherwise, I am going to farm out some to the other football sites.

2006 NFL Mock Draft

Houston Texans - ezzi110
New Orleans Saints -
Tennessee Titans -
New York Jets -
Green Bay Packers -
San Francisco 49ers -
Oakland Raiders -
Buffalo Bills -
Detroit Lions - LRogue
Arizona Cardinals -
St. Louis Rams -
Cleveland Browns - ChrisPokorny (SB Site)
Baltimore Ravens -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Atlanta Falcons -
Miami Dolphins - tacologic
Minnesota Vikings - twade70
Dallas Cowboys - Grizz (SB Site)
San Diego Chargers -
Kansas City Chiefs - draftday
New England Patriots - InBradyWeTrust (SB Site)
Denver Broncos (from Washington) -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ski
Cincinnati Bengals -
New York Giants -
Chicago Bears - WCG (SB Site)
Carolina Panthers -
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Denver Broncos -
Indianapolis Colts - BigBlueShoe (SB Site)
Seattle Seahawks -
Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelerfan (SB Site)