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Breaking NFC North News

It is funny how much difference a year can make.  Over the past 10 years are so the Bears team has had as many question marks as any, but since last year the Bears are the most stable organization in the division.

Minnesota Vikings

The train wreck that is Daunte Culpepper has finally come to a head.  Two days ago Culpepper deamnded a trade or the termination of his contract.  Yesterday , the Vikings organization has said they will have Pepper traded before the start of Free Agency tomorrow at 12:01 AM.

Green Bay Packers

Pack wideout Javon Walker has ask to be released from the team.  He is unhappy about being called out last year by QB Brett Favre and states that he is now treated poorly in the city of Green Bay.  He has even thrown around the retirement word if he is not playing for another team.

And finally in not so train wreck news.  Weird to hear the something the Lions did is not train wreck, huh?

Detroit Lions

The Lions have agreed to terms with Shawn Bryson on a 3 year deal.

This is a nice signing.  Kevin Jones is the starter, but has had injury problems.  Bryson is a capable backup and should be servicable in the event the Lions need him to play more than relief duties.