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Arounnd the Black and Blue Division

Just a look at the most recent news for our fellow NFC North teams.

Minnesota Vikings

Even when the Vikings do something right, they try to screw it up.  The Vikes signed Seattle guard Steve Hutchinson to a mammoth of a offer sheet.  The deal would pay a reported 49 million over the next 7 years.  This in itself is not a bad move, but the Vikes had to go and stick a clause on the contract that states if the Seahawks match the offer and he is not the highest paid offensive linemen on the team after the first year the contract has to be guaranteed.  The problem is Seattle has tackle Walter Jones on the payroll and he would be making more than Hutchinson.

Hutch is getting the money it is just a matter of who is doing the paying.  An arbitrator is set to look at the matter is looking at the case and will make the final decision.

WCG View:Whether it is missing draft times, trading away one of the most awesome QB-WR combos in history, scalping SB tickets, Love Boat or this, Minnesota has proven it is one of the most ineptly run organizations in football.  How they ever expect to win, when they can't even keep their house in order is beyond me.

Green Bay Packers

The Buffalo Bills have signed ex-Pack backup Craig Nall.  The terms are not known at this time.

WCG View:  Seriously, Brett Favre is the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only is he still holding out on the Pack as to his return, now his indecision is starting to make people want to jettison the ship.  Walker wants out and it is partly Favre's fault.  Nall is well liked in the locker room and has spent his entire 4 year career with the Pack and knows the system as well as any.  If Favre retires, now the Pack not only are starting a second year player, they no longer have a capable back up and somebody to  help show their new QB the ropes.