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Game Time!

Alright, guys I am proud to announce that Windy City Gridiron is about to have what no other Chicago Bears blog has on their site.

I told you last week that Thomas Jones would be in town for an autograph signing.  Over the past week I contacted the owner of the store where the signing is taking place, in return he helped me get in contact with Thomas Jones' agent.  They are gracious enough to let me have a little time for an interview.

I am going to be putting together a list of questions, for their approval.  Since the interview is for this site, I thought it only appropriate that I give you the chance to ask a few questions.  Either drop the questions in the comments section or send them to me in an email and if I don't already have something similar or it fits in with what I will be asking, I will include a few.  I will only be asking around 10-15 questions depending on the length, so I can't take all of them.

This is casual interview, so no hard hitting, make you sweat kind of questions.  No need to grill the running back, who is taking us to the Super Bowl next year.