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WCG Mock Draft

I have picked up a few more people to draft, but am still in need of some readers.  BigBlueShoe over at Stampede Blue had a pretty good idea to get at least one extra person involved.  He is going to give up his pick for the Colts to one of his readers and take another himself.

I am going to do the same thing, whoever comments first that they want it(only people who do not already have a team)can draft for the Bears.  I will pick up another team toward the end.

2006 NFL Mock Draft

Houston Texans - ezzi110
New Orleans Saints -
Tennessee Titans -jrm78
New York Jets -
Green Bay Packers -
San Francisco 49ers -
Oakland Raiders -
Buffalo Bills -
Detroit Lions - LRogue
Arizona Cardinals -maradawga
St. Louis Rams -
Cleveland Browns - ChrisPokorny (SB Site)
Baltimore Ravens -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Atlanta Falcons -
Miami Dolphins - tacologic
Minnesota Vikings - twade70
Dallas Cowboys - Grizz (SB Site)
San Diego Chargers -
Kansas City Chiefs - draftday
New England Patriots - InBradyWeTrust (SB Site)
Denver Broncos (from Washington) -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ski
Cincinnati Bengals -
New York Giants -
Chicago Bears - WCG (SB Site)
Carolina Panthers -Squib
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Denver Broncos -
Indianapolis Colts - BigBlueShoe (SB Site)
Seattle Seahawks -
Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelerfan (SB Site)