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Free Form

With all Bears news focusing on the Griese signing and Azumah retirement that we have already covered here, I decided to open this post up to some topics going on around the league, but first...

Obviously, my plan for a mock draft is close to going under.  In the back channels there has been some discussion as to why more people weren't interested in getting in on it.  It was suggested that maybe they were intimidated about having to make a pick that is going to be on the main page and up for anybody's argument.  Another line of thought is that people are still confused.  Either way or neither way if there is something that is stopping you from playing along, feel free to get it out into the open.

Other topics that I would be interested in knowing you opinion on:

TO and Vanderjagt in Dallas.

Vinatieri in Indy

The shaping of the draft with Brees in NO, Ramsey in NY and Brooks going to Oakland.

How did the Browns get so competent and what a big offseason they are having.

Possibility that Palmer is not ready to start in Cincy and who is left for them to sign.

Tagliabue retiring.