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Bears to wait and see on Smith

Since reporters don't have much else to write about with the Bears hibernating in free agency, they decided to turn to bashing President Ted Phillips for not working on a contract extension for Coach Lovie Smith.

Phillips is intent on signing Smith, but would like to see one more good year, as he has had a smiliar experience with previous coach Dick Jaroun.

"I feel good, but I want to feel better," Phillips said at the NFL owners meetings Monday.

I don't see any problem with this.  True, Smith is the lowest paid coach in the league, but I see nothing wrong with wanting to see some consitency before throwing out the big bucks.

My intent is to have Lovie Smith the head coach for a long time to come," Phillips said. "I believe Lovie is the head coach who will lead the Bears to a Super Bowl, and I feel the same about Jerry. I like the way the front office communicates.