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Interview with the men in charge

During an "Inside the Bears" seminar team president and CEO Ted Phillips, GM Jerry Angelo and Head Coach Lovie Smith answered questions ranging from Lance Briggs contract situation, the draft and the state of the Bears.


"I love what's going on in the Bears organization," Phillips said. "I think we have a great long-term future in store. We're excited about it and hope you are too."


"You can't say enough about our fans," Angelo said. "Our fans are great. Every week our No. 1 goal is to make sure we give you what you want because the passion runs deep in this city for our football team. It's very humbling to all of us, and I want you to know that same passion runs throughout Halas Hall."


"We did make a lot of progress this year," said Smith, who received a standing ovation when he was introduced. "We can't wait to finish the job. Stay with us. We know what you deserve and eventually we're going to give it to you."