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WCG Mock Draft

BigBlueShoe is back and this time drafting for Philly.

#14 Philadelphia Eagles: Chad Jackson, WR, Florida

With Terrell Owens gone, the Eagles once again find themselves in need of an impact receiver. Philadelphia is not known for drafting wide receivers, but in this they will make an exception. Jackson is the best receiver in the draft. He has sure hands, runs good routes, and has good size. He will fit perfectly into Philly's short pass offense.

Atlanta is on the clock...

2006 WCG Draft

Houston-Reggie Bush
New Orleans-D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Tennessee-Matt Leinart
NY Jets-Mario Williams
Green Bay- A.J. Hawk
San Francisco- Vernon Davis
Oakland- Jay Cutler
Buffalo- Winston Justice
Detroit- Tre Hill
Arizona- Haloti Ngata
St. Louis-Vince Young
Cleveland- Broderick Bunley
Baltimore- Ernie Sims
Philadelphia- Chad Jackson