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What's this?

The last few weeks have been a nightmare from a Bears standpoint.  The Bears have contacted absolutely nobody and have brought in nobody.  Their name is not even connected as rumor to any remaining free agents.  Here is the first in what will be a string of draft news and rumors.

Miami wide receiver Sinorice Moss is expected to pay Halas Hall a visit as the Bears ramp up their preparations for the No. 26th pick in the NFL draft, the Chicago Tribune reports. Moss, the younger brother of Redskins wideout Santana Moss, has been of interest to Chicago since the Senior Bowl in January and the Scouting Combine in February.

This would definitley add speed in both the passing and returns games.  I hope this is just covering bases as TE, CB and LB are more important to cover in this draft.  We are already carrying a nice receiver corp.