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Spoke To Soon, Briggs talks stall

NFL Teams make millions upon millions of dollars off of this game and players, so I don't knock a guy for going where the money is, if somebody is offering a bigger paycheck, then so be it, but to some extent there has to some common sense at play.

After reports came out that the Bears and Lance Briggs were close to an extension, I find this article saying that talks have stalled.

Contract talks on a long-term extension for Lance Briggs broke down Friday with the Pro Bowl linebacker still seeking more money than reigning defensive player of the year Brian Urlacher.

The Bears were optimistic following a round of negotiations with agent Drew Rosenhaus on Thursday at Halas Hall that a deal was coming soon, but the tone was decidedly different Friday afternoon as Rosenhaus returned to Miami. The sides met earlier in the day, but Briggs' high salary demands brought the meeting to a halt and increased the possibility the club will select his replacement in the first round of the April 29 draft.

Am I missing something here?  Does Briggs actually want more money that Urlacher?  Does he really thing that if he goes somewhere, where Urlacher is not playing that he is going to put up the same numbers?  Not likely.