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Trading Down

This piece discusses a possible senario that would have the Bears trading out of the first round with Washington no less.  This of course hinges on the Bears signing Ricky Manning Jr and getting an extension for Lance Briggs in place.

Washington has visited with players such as Florida State cornerback Antonio Cromartie, Miami CB Kelly Jennings and Alabama linebacker DeMeco Ryans. In fact, the Redskins have been talking almost exclusively talking to cornerbacks and linebackers that will be drafted somewhere between the 25th and 40th slots. Since their first pick is at No. 53, it appears Washington is looking to trade up into the late part of the first round.

The Bears own the 26th overall selection and would likely to be in a position to take any of the three players on Washington's radar. The question is there be enough incentive for the Bears to drop back 27 slots in return for an additional first round pick next year?

I don't know how I would feel, other than disappointed that I just waited 6 hours to see the Bears first pick and then they traded down 27 spots.  On the other hand there is some merrit to the question.  If they were to trade back, with two second rounders, they could move back up to get the best TE still on the board and in the process pick up a first for next year.