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WCG Mock Draft

This is the new leader for most interesting pick.  While I am sure BigBlueShoe's reasoning makes sense, I just don't see this happening.  For the sake of my mock draft I think it is a great selection, as I do not want to just have mock draft that resembles all the others.  Of course, if Tampa does select him, then I can lay claim to having it called.

#23 Tampa Bay: LenDale White, RD, USC

Many think Tampa Bay will draft a defensive player in the late first round, but that has never been how Tampa Bay works on draft day. Jon Gruden had Zach Crockett and Tyronne Wheatly in Oakland. In Tampa, he has Alstott, but he has had a rash of injuries recently, and he's getting up there in age. LenDale White would fit in with Gruden's offense in an Alstott-type role. He's strong, physical, and can punch it in around the goalline. Last year, thne-rokkie Carnell "Cadillac" Williams broke down a bit. A backfield featuring Williams and White would take the pressure off QB Chris Simms.

Cincinnati is on the clock...

2006 WCG Mock Draft
Team Player
Houston Reggie Bush
New Orleans D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Tennessee Matt Leinart
New York Jets Mario Williams
Green Bay A.J. Hawk
San Francisco Vernon Davis
Oakland Jay Cutler
Buffalo Winston Justice
Detroit Tye Hill
Arizona Haloti Ngata
St. Louis Vince Young
Cleveland Broderick Bunley
Baltimore Ernie Sims
Philadelphia Chad Jackson
Denver DeAngelo Williams
Miami Marcus McNeil
Minnesota Chad Greenway
Dallas Michael Huff
San Diego Santionio Holmes
Kansas City Mathias Kiwanuk
New England Jonathan Joseph
Denver Kamerion Wimbley
Tampa Bay LenDale White