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Here are a couple different news items that I don't have enough info on for one post, so I will throw them together.

First, apparently GM Angelo and the GM for the Colts, Bill Polian, have had discussions for a trade that involves Thomas Jones.  It is said the Polian has cooled on the idea, but with the draft right around the corner anything can happen.  What say you BigBlueShoe on the idea?

Strictly from a business standpoint this makes sense for the Bears, if they believe the Benson is ready to run with it.  We have three guys who have all had some success, if we are at sometime expecting to let Benson be the number one, Jones has more value now then he would a few years down the road.  I like Jones and I am tired of this constant RB merry go round game we are playing.  Pick one and go with him.  

Neither Bears management or Briggs agents say they are urgent to get the deal done before the draft.  Some say if the deal is not done, LB becomes a very real possiblility for the Bears first round pick.

I think picking up a LB would be a waste of a pick.  Briggs is with us or at least one more year and both sides seem interested in working this out.  I think it would be a waste of an oppurtunity to upgrade a spot we need to.

Hunter Hillenmeyer will sign his one-year tender offer of $712,000 sometime this week meaning unless the above trade happens, Chicago will be returning all 22 starters from last year.

That is outstanding management combined with good team loyalty.  I wonder how many times that has happened?

This piece looks into the draft by the numbers. In it, there is a section for least successful teams based on games played by draft picks.


Teams(No. of picks) avg. games played/season
Lions (32) 11.25
Packers (31) 11.44
Bears (32) 11.75
Browns (24) 11.83
Panthers (33) 11.86

Obviously, the Bears have been much better since Angelo has taken over, but still speaks a lot about how well a team evaluates picks.

Just a bit on the contract Manning Jr. signed.  The first two years contain $7 million in guaranteed money, which is what stopped Carolina from considering matching it.  Six million of the 21 is based on incentives for games started and interceptions.

Lastly, at a press conference Angelo, did say he was receiving more calls than normal about the Bears #26 pick.