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Does LenDale even have an agent?

One of the reasons to have an agent is to look out for you, a lot of agents work hand in hand with a publicity person.  They make sure you are in the right spots to best help your image.  LenDale's image hasn't be getting better.

He showed up on Cold Pizza today, still showing the extra weight, to talk about what has been going on with him. This would be a good oppurtunity to show that you are a humble, good character person who is going to work hard when you get into camp.  Instead, he took the oppurtunity to curse twice and when asked what he needs to prove to teams his answer was nothing.  Aside from the fact that every player in the draft has something to prove and if you didn't you would be going much higher than in the late 20s. But that question is kind of like when you get asked in an job interview what your weakness is and you are supposed to say you are much too detail oriented or some such BS.  Doesn't he have an agent or somebody to coach him?  I know he acces to those questions before he went on air.