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Draft Predictions

OK, all you armchair GMs it is time to put up or shut up.  I want some draft predictions.  Not a bunch or speeches and vague position talk. I want names.

For me I think if Marcedes Lewis is on the board we take him; otherwise, I think we trade down to somewhere near the top of the second.  Many think that both Lewis and Pope could fall into the second, so if the Bears think they can still get Lewis in the top of the second they might take that chance, but for this prediction I am going with both being either gone in the 1st and Arizona might take one in the second.

If that happens, I think the Bears pick up Dominique Byrd and the best CB available.  I know Kiper is high on Richard Marshall out of Fresno State, but there are a ton of CB available they are not all going to go in the first, so I will say Marshall with the first second round pick and Byrd with the second.

Ok, guys lock them in.