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Rosenhaus looking to screw with the Bears now.

I guess now that TO is safely in Dallas for the time being, he feels it is time to move on and hose as many teams as possible.  Rosenhaus is also the agent of Lance Briggs.  I am just going to let you read this, since it is full of little bits.

hough local and national outlets are linking the Bears to a tight end or cornerback in the first round, we've learned the scouting staff is pouring over the LB draft class. Not only is the crop as deep as it has been in recent memory, a team source said the Bears don't feel good about their ability to re-sign Pro Bowl LB Lance Briggs. Word is, Briggs wants a deal that covers at least five years and averages around $6 million per season. The Bears learned the hard way -- the team's perception is that it was a pawn in the Jevon Kearse sweepstakes, driving up his price before Philadelphia signed him in 2004 -- not to enter a bidding war over Drew Rosenhaus' clients. Another factor: MLB Brian Urlacher's base salary climbs to $3.95 million in 2006 and goes up to $7.35 million before the deal expires in 2011, and the Bears don't want to overspend at one position. In fact, the Bears are now more likely to address the contract of NT Ian Scott and then restricted free-agent LB Hunter Hillenmeyer -- both have contracts that will expire after 2006 -- before getting to Briggs. In addition, potential '07 free agents Nathan Vasher, Olin Kreutz, Rex Grossman and Charles Tillman are candidates to have their contracts addressed.

Obviously, this is not good news.  Briggs was a huge part of our defense last year and there are way too many teams that are more than willing to overpay for players.