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Schedule Released

We interupt your regurlarly scheduled draft to present you witht he Bears 2006 schedule.  The Bears are back on Monday night having two games, Arizona and St. Louis.  Obviously, witht he whole flexible scheduling you never know who will get bumped into the spot light.  Just looking over the teams I think 10 wins is a bare minimun expectation.

Sep 10  @Green Bay  4:15pm             
Sep 17  Detroit     1:00pm             
Sep 24    @Minnesota    1:00pm             
Oct 1    Seattle            8:15pm             
Oct 8    Buffalo            1:00pm             
Oct 16    @Arizona    8:30pm             
Week 7    BYE                  
Oct 29    San Francisco    1:00pm             
Nov 5    Miami            1:00pm             
Nov 12    @N.Y. Giants    1:00pm             
Nov 19    @N.Y. Jets    1:00pm             
Nov 26    @New England    1:00pm             
Dec 3    Minnesota    1:00pm             
Dec 11    @St. Louis    8:30pm             
Dec 17    Tampa Bay    1:00pm             
Dec 24    @Detroit    1:00pm             
Dec 31    Green Bay    1:00pm