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WCG Mock Draft

I actually had two people put in a pick for this one and both picked a QB, two different ones, but still a QB.  BigBlueShoe's email was the earliest, so he gets the pick.

#3- Tennessee Titans: Matt Leinart, QB, USC

The Titans are still re-building after two years of losing seasons. They need a new face to sell the team to fans, and Leinart fits the bill. He is not the most physically gifted QB in the draft, but he's a smart field general who played in a pro-level system at USC. He reads defenses well, has good touch on the football, and has very good throwing mechanics. In college, he was smart and made good field decisions in high-pressure situations. Such things cannot be measured like a bench press or 40 yard dash. With the recent spat between the Titans ownership and current starting QB Steve McNair, Leinart is a great option to build around in the approaching post-McNair era.

The New York Jets are on the clock...