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WCG Mock Draft

It took awhile, but Young finally came off the board. Pick by BigBlueShoe.

#11 St. Louis Rams: Vince Young, QB, Texas

Rams coach Scott Linehan tutored Dante Culpepper in Minnesota, and helped develop him into an elite quarterback prior to Linehan's departure from Minnesota to Miami in 2005. If Linehan can make Culpepper a Pro Bowler, he could do the same for Vince Young. Young is very raw. He has an awkward delivery and throwing motion. He also has trouble reading defenses and throwing from the pocket. The Rams are a good spot for Young because he might have to sit for a year or two and grow. Linehan is an outstanding tutor for QBs, and with current Rams QB Marc Bulger under center for the time being, the Rams have time to groom Young to eventually replace him.

Cleveland is on the clock...

2006 WCG Draft

Houston-Reggie Bush
New Orleans-D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Tennessee-Matt Leinart
NY Jets-Mario Williams
Green Bay- A.J. Hawk
San Francisco- Vernon Davis
Oakland- Jay Cutler
Buffalo- Winston Justice
Detroit- Tre Hill
Arizona- Haloti Ngata
St. Louis-Vince Young