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Looking back

Now that the initial shock and outrage that most of us felt at the Bears draft, it seems like most of us are settling into the fact that it wasn't as bad as it looked.  I think most of us were so set on the Bears picking a TE with one of their first 3 picks that when it didn't happen we went over the deep end.  Most draft 'experts' have us at around a B grade.  Not bad considering.

So lets take a look back over our off season so far.

Free Agency

Position Player
QB Brian Griese
CB Ricky Manning Jr.

Bears Draft
Pick Player
#42 Danieal Manning,CB/S,Abelen Christian
#57 Devin Hester,WR,Miami
#42 Dusty Dvoracek,DT,Oklahoma
#120 Jamar Williams,LB,Arizona State
#159 Mark Anderson,DE,Alabama
#195 J.D Runnels,FB,Oklahmoa/td>
#200 Tyler Reed,G,Penn State

Undrafted Free Agents
Postion School Player
TE Oregon Tim Day
TE Auburn Cooper Wallace
G Miami Nate Bunce
CB Ohio Dion Byrum
K Ohio State Josh Huston
G Louisville Travis Leffew
OT Notre Dame Mark LeVoir
S Cal-Berkley Donnie McCleskey
G Miami Tyler McMeans
WR Northwestern Mark Philmore
RB Bowling Green P.J. Pope
S Texas Tech Dwayne Slay
P Louisiana-Monroe Joel Stelly

I can't say I am at all displeased with this haul. Sure I was rooting of Pope or Byrd, but we did get Day and he was rated anywhere from the 2nd to 4th round and we still got a guy by the name of Pope.