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Bears Trivia

There is next to no Bears news out there, so I have been forced to looking for other types of info to put up here, so I decided to throw a little Bears trivia at you.  These are all on the internet, so it shouldn't be too hard if you decide to look them up.

1) Who gave the Hall Of Fame induction speech for Dan Hampton?

2)What jersey number was retired for Bears Bill George?

3) Who was the Bears GM in the 1985 Super Bowl season?

4)Gale Sayers scored 6 TDs against what NFL team?

5)Walter Payton ran for 275 yards against what NFL team in 1977?

6)By what name were the Bears known when they won their first two championships?

7)The Bears were the first team to make a deal for a player on another team.  Who was that deal for?

8)Against who and what was the score of the Bears first game in Soldier Field?