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The Bears introduce Manning

The Bears officially introduced their first draft pick, Danieal Manning to the media.

On whether he thinks he compete as a rookie for a starting job.

"I believe so," Manning said. "Deep down inside I really know I could. I have no doubt about that."

On contributing

"I'm willing to contribute any way that I can to this organization, to this football program," Manning said. "If that's special teams, running down on coverage, returning punts and kickoffs and just playing safety or corner. I feel like I've been trained. I have experience at all those positions in college and feel like I can do it here at the next level."

On getting into camp on time

"I just love to play the game," Manning said. "Playing it, I never have for money or none of that, so that has never bothered me. So I just want to get in and play ball and leave that up to my agent. Just let me play."

On coming from a Division II school

"I have a little pressure trying to prove that Division II has some quality players," Manning said. "It just happens that people fall through the cracks or choose different paths, but it doesn't mean that they're not a great football player. I'm just glad to be a frontrunner on that."

The kid seems to have his head on straight or at least has been coached to sound that way, but from what all the press has been saying he has a ton of talent and might be a surprise pick.