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Free Agency

In the wake of the draft, news is light.  Articles are a mix of reporters screaming about the lunacy of the Bears draft or of reporters saying they trust Angelo and will give him the benefit of the doubt until the see the results. I am sure you have read your share of both, so I won't pound this site with every reporter's amateur evaluation.

As far as moving forward, here is a list of the best names still available in free agency.

Kerry Collins
Tommy Maddox
Jay Fiedler
Tony Banks
Shane Matthews
Jeff Blake
Doug Flutie
Ty Detmer

Running Back
Antowain Smith
Jonathan Wells
Lamar Gordon
Stephen Davis
Tony Hollings
Mike Cloud
James Jackson
J.R. Redmond

Jarrod Baxter
Daimon Shelton
Nick Luchey
Paul Smith
Omar Easy

Wide Receiver
Kevin Johnson
Dez White
Az-Zahir Hakim
Randy Hymes
Patrick Johnson
David Boston
Johnnie Morton
Troy Edwards
Ricky Proehl

Tight End
Boo Williams
Lamont Hall
Roland Williams
Marcellus Rivers
Cam Cleeland
Tony Stewart

Ron Stone
Kendyl Jacox
Victor Riley (OT)
Fred Weary
Tom Nutten

Offensive Tackle
Brad Hopkins (LT)
Orlando Brown
Matt Stinchcomb
Todd Fordham
Ethan Brooks
Jacob Rogers
Scott Gragg

Jeff Mitchell
Cory Raymer

Todd Peterson
Paul Edinger
Jose Cortez

Kyle Richardson
Tom Tupa
Sean Landeta

Defensive Tackle
Brenston Buckner
Jason Fisk
Grady Jackson
James Reed
Lance Legree
Steve Martin
Josh Williams

Defensive End
Duane Clemons
Gary Walker (DT in 4-3)
Adrian Dingle
Carl Powell (DT)
Tyoka Jackson (DT)

Inside Linebacker
Rocky Calmus
Earl Holmes
Chris Claiborne (WLB)
Saleem Rasheed
Ronald McKinnon

Outside Linebacker
Jamie Sharper (WLB/SLB)
Tommy Polley (WLB)
Chad Brown (SLB/WLB)
Peter Boulware (SLB)
Keith Newman (SLB)
Barrett Green (WLB)
Junior Seau (WLB, SLB)
DeLawrence Grant (SLB)

Ahmed Plummer
Ty Law
Dexter McCleon
Ralph Brown
Ray Mickens
Willie Williams
Michael Lehan
DeWayne Washington
Dale Carter
Terry Fair
Willie Middlebrooks (S)

Antuan Edwards
Brent Alexander
Lance Schulters
Keion Carpenter
Ronnie Heard
Earl Little
Jerry Wilson
Ifeanyi Ohalete
Bracy Walker
John Howell