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They just can't win

We all know that both Minnesota and Detroit have quite the rep for being incompetant when it comes to management, but I have mixed feelings about this one.

The Lions lost two days of off-season workouts -- Monday and today -- when the NFL Management Council and the Players Association resolved the Lions had "violated rules pertaining to the scheduling of off-season activities." At least one player apparently felt the coaches were pushing the Lions too hard and went to the union. Multiple players told the Free Press on Monday they didn't know about the grievance until after it was filed, supported the coaching staff and stressed they were willing to work hard to win.
-- Detroit Free Press

First, is it really that hard to schedule workouts?  Can't somebody look at a calendar and see if that date falls into too early?

On the other hand, here is the Lions problem.  They are a bad team that has a ton of talent.  If you have the track record that the Lions have, nobody on your team should be complaining about being worked to hard.  If you did work hard, you might actually live up to your talent.