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Camp comes to a close

Just to bits on the rookies that were signed.  Thrid round pick Devon Hestor by far received the most praise.

Devon Hester

While the winds weren't terrible over the weekend at Halas Hall, Devin Hester showed no signs of struggling with catching punts. He impressed during a drill when assistant special teams coach Kevin O'Dea would throw his hat in front of Hester right before he made the catch. At one point, Hester caught a punt and nearly came up with the hat before it touched the ground.


If you had to pick a star of the Bears' rookie minicamp, it would be second-round pick Devin Hester. His athletic ability, especially returning punts, stood out over the weekend, and he appears to have the kind of game-breaking traits that are hard to find on this roster.

Larry Mayer(Chalk Talk)

The one thing that stood out to me more than anything in the minicamp was how Hester was able to effortlessly haul in punt after punt in extremely windy conditions. He made tough catches look easy, and he's one of the best pure athletes I've ever seen.

Dusty Dvoracek

Larry Mayer(Chalk Talk)

No one seems to enjoy being on the football field more than Dusty Dvoracek. He was always hustling and showed a lot of intensity this past weekend, but he's the type of player who should really shine when the pads come on in training camp. I expect Dvoracek to challenge for a starting job and be part of the defensive line rotation even if he's unable to unseat Ian Scott. The nose tackle absorbs more physical abuse than any other position on defense and it's important to have at least two quality players capable of contributing.

Joel Stelly

Undrafted free agent punt Joel Stelly will compete with Brad Maynard in training camp. With the wind at his back, Stelly opened eyes with the distance and hang time he got on the ball.

I also found some very small bits on DE Mark Anderson and CB Danieal Manning, but nothing to really post.