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Angelo speaks out on Vashar

Looking to down play Vashar's absence form OTAs, GM Jerry Angelo has responded to the media.

"I'm not worried or concerned," Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said of Vasher's absence. "I'm disappointed more than anything. Given the situation, it's unfortunate. But these things happen. They don't just happen here, they happen around the league as well."
"I don't necessarily like when people take their laundry to the media," Angelo said of Sullivan. "There's a way to express your concerns, your gripes or whatever. He did to me. But he felt compelled to talk to the media and get it off his chest. So be it."

"That's what our philosophy has been. I made him mindful of that," Angelo said. "We certainly respect, and I can't say enough about Nate Vasher, we think he's a heck of a player and would love to have him on this football team and I don't want that message to ever get misconstrued through any of this."

It seems that Vashar's main gripes are related to the Bears signing of Ricky Manning Jr., who will be the third CB.  Manning is scheduled to make 9 million over the next 2 years.  Vashar's current contract is worth 900,000 over the next two years.

Another point that Vashar's agent has made clear is that Vashar has been a model citizen, while Manning has had more than one run in with the law in his career.

I certainly understand Vashar's stance, it is similar to what TJ is going through with Benson, but this is how football works.  Manning Jr. had to sign a rookie contract. When it was up he was free to find the best deal and Vashar will have that oppurtunity as well regardless of whether it is with the Bears or some other team.  Every player goes through this, so I don't think Vashar has a ton of leverage here.