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SC Ultimate Depth Chart

Some here at the SB Nation have made it a habit to rip into the so called 'experts'.  Generally, I try to stay away from that, but ESPN is making it hard with its SC Ultimate Depth Chart.  Yesterday, they tackled QBs and the Bears showed up at #23 and overall I cannot argue that with an oft-injured starter and new backup and a second year third striger, but they did say they would rather have Favre and Brunell over Eli Manning.  I cannot go along with that.

Today they address running backs and the Bears showed up at #17 which shows just how absolutely assine thier experts are.  Top to bottom the Bears have one of the best 3 man running games in the NFL.  Our third stringer, Adrian Peterson, averaged over 5 yards per rush.  Just to show you how off they are the two immediately above the Bears are Minnesota and New England.  Minnesota???  What they hell have they been smoking?  Just to prove my point the first thing they talked about was their fullback.  They only in passing mentioned their running back, who happens to be perrenial under acheiver Chester Taylor.  As far as New England at least they have someone who you can call a running back in Corey Dillon, but I think last year has shown that Dillon is on his last leg and their next guy is an unproven, how they show up in front of the Bears added to the completely laughable mock draft they tried to pull off earlier this year shows how ESPN is not so much the world wide leader in sports and more the world wide leader in employing unknowledgable and football challenged experts.