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Position Preview: QBs

The official site is doing a breakdown of talent by position.  The first two are out. Each one will include an interview with the positions coach. First up is the quarterbacks with Wade Wilson.

How much will playing in the same offense for the second straight year for the first time since his first two seasons at Florida help Rex Grossman?

It will benefit him a lot. Even though he didn't play a lot last year, he was in all of the meetings and digested all the information. Instead of installing another offense this year, he'll get a chance to get into the details of the system and get deeper into the progressions. Everything will come a lot more second nature to him where he'll be able to react rather than think about it so much.

From a quarterback's perspective, how will that translate onto the field?

It won't just affect Rex. The offensive line, the running backs, the receivers-everybody will be on the same page going into the second year. As far as Rex, he'll be able to anticipate and react a lot quicker rather than having to think and then react to what he sees. It's maybe a second or a half second difference, but that makes all the difference in the world at the quarterback position.