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Position Preview: RBs

Part 2 of nine positions breakdowns is running backs.  The interview is with running backs coach Tim Spencer.

How much did taking most of the reps with the No. 1 offense this offseason help Cedric Benson?

Repetition can help anybody and it certainly has helped him because he hasn't had as many reps as some of the other guys who have been here for a while. He was able to get in there and see a lot of things that he hadn't seen before and he has certainly improved since last year.

Going into training camp, how much better equipped is he to contribute this season?

At least he'll be on the same footing as all the other guys. He's been exposed to the whole offense and everything that we would like that position to do. He's on the same knowledge level as far as not being behind the eight ball. Going into this camp it will be real interesting because everything is equal and fair.