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Position Preview: WRs

The third installement looks at the Bears wide receivers.  They talk to wideouts coach Darryl Drake.

Who has the inside track for the No. 2 position?

Right now that No. 2 is hard to say. With Mark Bradley (rebounding from a knee injury) and Justin Gage having a few injuries this spring, Bernard Berrian right now has the inside shot at it. But if things continue to progress, you need to keep your eyes on Rashied Davis because he has demonstrated this offseason that he has the ability and potential to be that guy. He's jumped into the mix in my opinion and he needs to continue to do that.

Where is Mark Bradley in terms of his recovery and his understanding of the offense?

He understands things so much better and you can see those things. Right now he (isn't 100 percent). But you see improvement each and every day. All I'm looking for from him right now is to make sure that he's doing things right in the mental part of the game. There's going to come a point in time where he's able to do those things like we know he can. But he's got some time and the worst thing that we could do to him is rush him. That would be suicide.