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Position Preview: TEs

Continuing the positional breakdown of the Bears, we look at the tight ends with TE coach Rob Boras.

How difficult will it be for Tim Day to catch up after he missed most of the OTA practices due to an NFL rule prohibiting rookies from practicing until they've completed their college classes?

It's unfair for him right now. His head is just spinning. Hopefully by the 10th training camp practice he's caught up mentally, which will allow him to play fast. Obviously we're looking for somebody who can do both things well as far as run blocking and pass receiving. But if he can show that he can do one thing exceptionally well-better than everyone else-he's going to have a great opportunity to make this team.

What are your impressions of Cooper Wallace?

Cooper's a smart football. He's going to make very few mistakes. He's going to know where he needs to be. You can tell he comes from a good program like Auburn. For guys like Cooper and Tim Day coming in who might not get a lot of reps, they can't afford to make mental mistakes. They have to be quick learners and guys who can learn by watching, and Cooper has really impressed me with how intelligent he is. He's a guy who maybe needs to play a little faster and a little quicker when we get the pads on, but he has shown that he can do both things for us.