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FOX ranks RBs

I think by now everybody knows how I feel about ESPN's Ultimate Depth Chart.  In particularly their ranking of Chicago at 17 for running backs.  Fox Sports takes their shot and I have to say I think they at least have us in the right area.

7. Chicago

They lack the top-end talent of the teams ranked above them, but the Bears have the deepest running back pool in the league. On the right teams, Thomas Jones, Adrian Peterson, and Cedric Benson could all start. Jones was the most effective last year, ranking 11th in DPAR, but Peterson was the most efficient: he led all backs with at least 75 carries in rushing DVOA. Benson held out and got injured, so he really didn't contribute anything last year, but if your third running back was the fourth overall pick in the draft only one year ago, you have some strength at the running back position.

Minnesota, the team ESPN ranked just ahead of us at #16, is listed at 14.  A full 7 places behind us is a big difference.