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Why Your Team Won't win the Super Bowl: FOX

Every year every other website does a piece on why each team won't win the Super Bowl.  It is a bit lazy, but it does allow them to lay out the weaknesses of each team.  This article by Randy Hill with FOX Sports, however, is taking lazy to a whole other level.  He took the time to write a whole 1 or 2 lines about every team.  Way to put in the effort.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Here's damning evidence: New backup quarterback Brian Griese may be an upgrade.

The Bears seem good enough to win this division; if you only seem good enough for the NFC North, you probably won't be good for more than one playoff round.

Minnesota Vikings

With a new coach on hand, the Vikes may challenge if they can avoid putting another season on cruise control. Challenging the Bears is not good enough to reach Miami.

Detroit Lions

Their improvement will fizzle when new coach Rod Marinelli forgets to inform Martz that Martz is not allowed to call timeouts.

Green Bay Packers

Behind another weak offensive line, Brett Favre may literally die a Packer.

Seriously, if you want to use the offense of the Bears as a reason for why they won't win the Super Bowl, by all means.  I would do the same, given the oppurtunity.  Instead you drop one line about our backup QB.  Way to stay on the cutting edge of useful reporting.  I think I am starting to sound like BigBlueShoe.