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I'd Love to Argue, but...

In Fox Sports latest positional rankings they touch on the wide receivers.  In the article the Bears rank dead last at 32.

Everyone agrees that the Bears needed a wide receiver before last season. The mistake was signing a 32-year-old coming off his first 1,000-yard season in four years. The Bears are stuck with Muhsin Muhammad, who led the league in dropped passes according to the Football Outsiders game-charting project. He has to be better this year, but he'll never match his 2004 career year. Mark Bradley will get the inside track to start thanks to his draft position, but Chicago's most promising receiver may be Bernard Berrian. Tight end Desmond Clark is nothing special as a receiver.

I would love to come right out and dispute that number and I am sure I could put up a decent enough argument to move us up a few spots, but the fact of the matter is we really don't have a lot that you can rank at reciever.

Muhammed came off his gigantic year after 4 sub par ones and last year couldn't catch a ball when it hit him in the numbers.  In fact based on drops per throws he ranked #1 in dropped passes last year.

Talk has been out for a few years now about Gage and Berrian, but really how many years do you get to be a potential #2 starter before you start being an underacheiver?

Bradley and Currie have loads of potential, but both are only in their second year and both are coming off of injuries.

Davies is a complete mystery.  I hear he might actually have the leg up in the #2 race until Bradley and Berrian fully get over their ailments.

As far as TEs go, well we all know how the Desmond Clark experiment has worked out.

Here are the teams directly above the Bears.  

#31. Buffalo- Peerless Price, Lee Evans, Josh Reed
#30. San Francisco- Antonio Bryant, Vernon Davis
#29. New Orleans- Joe Horn, Donte Stallworth, Reggie Bush
#28. Philadelphia- James Thrash, Todd Pinkston, Greg Lewis, L.J. Smith

Out of all of these the only team that I think can and should be knocked down is Philly.  That is one hideous looking corp.  No stars and no potential.  Smith is a decent TE, but no spectacular.

And in a case of rubbing salt into the wounds, lets talk Detroit(sorry, Sean).  Nobody has spent more, 3 straight #1s, on recievers to have nothing, but Scotty Vines??  Rogers and R. Williams have both shown potential in their rookie years, but just fizzled(Williams) or went completely flat(Rogers) since then.  I don't know where M. Williams will do his 2nd season, but he wasn't overly impressive.  All that and the mighty Detroit receivers fall to #27.