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The Good and the Bad

I guess I have always been aware, but maybe never really thought about it until I started running this blog was the bias of people towards major media sources.  

There are people who take great delight in absolutely trashing ESPN, FOX or Jay Mariotti.  I have even done a little bit of it myself in recent months.  We yell from the rafters that they are not experts and just trying to sell papers or commercial time using bold contraversial headings.  To some extent this is all true.

I had previously never been really familiar with Pro Football Talk, but the minute I starting checking in it was amazing how polarizing the opinions on this site are.  Regardless, of you opinion they do have news topics and takes on things that I haven't seen any where else and at times amazing details.  

I got all that information about Hester's and Williams' contract from that site.  I still haven't seen a good breakdown of it anywhere else.

The point being, they are now linking to this site, they have a large viewership including those who seem to not like them.  Funny how that works.  Check them out, I mostly read the rumor mill section, there is normally some interesting things in there.  Of course I might change my tune after I see where they rank the Bears in their power rankings.  We are by default already higher than 15, so kudos.